Monday, December 15, 2014

Why kira kira life was Created #2

kira kira life was created because Akari (the founder of kira kira life):
Reason #1 - It had to do with Akari following her dream.
Reason #2 - It had to do with Akari's grandpa and her mom.
Reason #3 - It had to do with Akari being mesmerized by the world.

In this blog entry, I will write about reason #2 - "Akari loves supporting artists."

I remember seeing my maternal grandfather working in his studio in a solemn manner. He was a bamboo basket weaver.  But he created more than just baskets. He wove animals to entertain our eyes, vases to hold flowers, and other interesting shapes to express his inner world.

Whenever I walked by his studio, I remember feeling a strong curiosity in his work. His hands moved fluidly to produce intricate patterns on his thick dark blue apron. He was in the zone. I loved smelling the freshly cut bamboo. But at the same time, I felt like I was not supposed to be there. There was a sacred communion between him and the creative force I was witnessing. I felt that it was a private affair, and I wasn't officially granted permission, so I walked by slowly to satisfy my curiosity but did not stop to disturb the flow of energy.

He passed away when I was in high school (so it was almost 15 years ago). I now think that maybe I should have asked him if I could sit by him to watch. He may have enjoyed having a granddaughter's company.

As an artist, he struggled to make a living. He was shy and did not market himself well. He needed a spokesperson for himself. All of his children grew up without much material abundance. My mother was a good gymnast, but she could not go to competitions because she did not have a leotard and did not want to ask her parents to buy it. My mother told me that she used to hear my grandfater say, "Art is luxury. Food, shelter, and clothes are all you need to survive."

Having survived the wars, he was right in a sense. Yes, these are our bare necessities to sustain the physical being, but my grandfather should have known that art is required to nourish our souls. We are humans. We cannot help but to feel. We cannot help but to have the urge to share what we feel. We cannot help but to be inspired by that which others share. I believe this is because we are all deeply connected beneath the surface. We feed off each other's artistry to go on.
Therefore, I wanted to make kira kira life - in order to support artists and to be a spokesperson for their beautiful creations. I wanted to contribute to the circulation of inspiration.

Every dollar you spend at is supporting the artists, and you're now a part of the circulation.

Therefore, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

May you shine from within,

kira kira life

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