(Left) Akari dancing a classical Indian dance called Odissi
Photo credit:
Richard Marks

(Right) Akari working at a local public school in Hawaii
Photo Credit: Taina (2nd grader)
Kira Kira means shining, sparkling, glimmering, and twinkling in Japanese.
Our goal is to help you shine from within through our one-of-a-kind,  hand-made, and nature-aligned goods.

kira kira life was created by Akari who believes that we truly shine from within when we are connected to our inner beauty - our essence.

It is Akari's sincere desire that you are being you - fully embracing and celebrating your appearance, the path you've chosen to walk, and even scars you may carry inwardly and outwardly.

It is Akari's hope that the handmade, one-of-a-kind products will remind you of how unique and precious you already are, and that this will prompt you to radiate joy from within.

Why did Akari begin kira kira life?
Reason #1 - It had to do with Akari following her dream. 
Reason #2 - It had to do with Akari's grandpa and her mom. 
Reason #3 - It had to do with Akari being mesmerized by the world.